I am a Freelance Creative Photographer.


But I prefer  to see myself as a Creator with  camera in hand.

My "Creativity"  is based on how I use my camera and how I used words with my images.

 I  became aware of photography as a child  as one of my father's subjects for shooting and later as a member of the photography club at the Secondary school I attended.

 The literature and the experts say, not quoting ,but I am still going to put in quotation just for emphasis "Let people know you for a particular aspect or genre in photography". But since I could remember  understanding who I am. I know  that I detest being pigeon-holed. Maybe it is because this is something relatively new to me and I prefer to explore  where the photography "bug" will take me. Or, I don't think just "making money" or running a profitable business should be my only or main focus . It has always been to enjoy what I am doing.

In addition, statements like those would only stultify my exploration and my creativity.

In fact, this is a saying from my ancestors that I always remember whenever suggestions or advice of the aforementioned is stated. It goes like this "Never put all your eggs in one basket".

My main focus is capturing interesting human behavior and the interplay of human behavior with the environment-natural and man made.

I also capture interesting, surprising and unusual  behavior and scenery wherever I am and I like experimenting.​

I cannot say that any photographer has influenced my style but my father.

My shooting is based purely on instinct.  My approach to editing is more default , automatic or responsive never manipulative. 

You can see some of my work here-some of which you can purchase.

 I can safely say that my website provider's ingenious idea about "full frame" watermarking is just right for me because this idea came to me with my Facebook page. So in addition to reducing the  resolution and size of my images there,I now watermark the whole image. A lot of people in this world are less than responsible. But I have a responsibility to protect my creative work and to the people whose images I have recorded with my camera.


I am,also, thanking Victoria James of Film Processors Ltd. for her assistance in designing my logo (trademark) "cre8im".That's what you see as my trademark. I am  proud of her and it. All I had was an idea that she created  into a design.

 There are galleries that showcase my shooting assignment packages. In those galleries you are given informaton on the packages-overall prices of the packages,prices of the various photoproducts,etc. However,please remember that although you see "buy"  you are not really buying. Yes click on the word to go through the process of buying but don't complete it,click the x to delete close to completion-after viewing the process. In addition prices are seen in one currency on the site. However clients from Trinidad and Tobago can pay in our national currency-just do the calculation on the particular day of our transaction.

My images are also offered as downloads

I am, also, available for shooting assignments out side of my country ,send me a message.

Thanks for visiting my Online Store.

1-868-685-7512 or 1-868-356-4078

Trevor Edwards