I am a Freelance Creative Photographer.


But I prefer  to see myself as a Creator with  camera in hand.

Notwithstanding the above, my "Creativity" does not always hold true to the photographic dogma that relates to this-creativity- as I understand it. For my creativity is based on how I use my camera and how I used words with my images.


 I  became aware of photography as a child  as one of my father's subjects for shooting and later as a member of the photography club at the Secondary school I attended.

I spent most of my working life researching  and dealing with social issues as it relates to individuals and families living in government housing communities in Trinidad and Tobago and a short stint(as part of an "educational exchange") in Jamaica.

As a result I have had to interact with architects, engineers and planners at various stages of projects- from development to completion-listening mainly but sometimes offering feedback and suggestions.

I have also had to interact with families before they receive  keys for homes -by providing the decision makers with information to determine whether to give or not  and when these families became tenants and home owners I  interacted with them on the inside-via counselling, mediation and community group activities.

And from the time I began working as a professional, as a young adult, I spent my vacations outside of my country-seeking out the differences and similarities with the life of the people I met  in relation to my own life in my country.

So this is the background that I bring to my photography.


My main focus is capturing interesting human behavior and the interplay of human behavior with the environment-natural and man made.

I also capture interesting, surprising and unusual  behavior and scenery wherever I am and I must confess that experimenting is something I just can't stop doing.​

I cannot say that any photographer has influenced my style but my father.

My shooting is based purely on instinct. However my editing is based on knowledge and understanding of the software I am using and it is not Photoshop. 

You can see some of my work here-some of which you can purchase.

I believe it is the appropriate juncture to say this. It is about watermarking your work. I can safely say that my website provider's ingenious idea about "full frame" watermarking is just right for me because this idea came to me with my Facebook page. So in addition to reducing the  resolution and size of my images there,I now watermark the whole image. A lot of people in this world are less than responsible. But I have a responsibility to protect my creative work and to the people whose images I have recorded with my camera.It bothers me to read or hear interviews or words from people for whom I have develop a professional respect-saying that a watermark is a distraction. I am suggesting that that is a statement unbecoming of them because if you really know your work,watermark or not,you can tell a great composition from the time you see it.

To add, if the creator state at the outset his or her intentions for watermarking. That's the primary guide to review the person's work. Remember, you visited his place. He is not playing with your rules,but his. I can only conclude that these so called great experts intentionally or unintentionally provide people with a rationale to steal your work.   I am open for your critique-once it's free.

 You see I can take a great screen shot of another's work with just the camera on my phone-remember now that images of all resolutions can make big money-once they can impact you and has a great composition and as a result someone obtains money using my image screen-taken from his monitor.

I want to use this PLACE AND TIME to thank Victoria James of Film Processors Ltd. for her assistance in designing my logo "cre8im".That's what you see as my watermark.I am  proud of her and it. All I had was an idea of what I wanted. The designing was all hers.

 Please note that you can shop from my website and soon my shooting packages with accompanying photo products could be viewed on  my website.I have also added a gallery named "Examples".This gallery walks you through a particular package with images(please note ,however, they are just simulations and they are not truly for sale).

My images are also offered as downloads

I am available for shooting assignments, not only in my home country ,send me a message.


Thanks for visiting/shopping.

1-868-685-7512 or 1-868-356-4078

Trevor Edwards