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11 " X 8.5" Premium Panorama Bk.11 " X 8.5" Premium Panorama Bk.This refers to the finished photo product from M pix lab. It is of 20 pages : total cost is 212.USD


Now, I need to put this in its proper perspective-the capture of the subject and the image.
I did three,mind you, of this pose. This one is my favorite.
This young lady caught my attention  from afar while I was walking towards "Capitolio" on main street in Old Havana and as I drew closer I could not help myself asking her to take some photos. She was I think standing with her friend,waiting on transport to go to work  So I made my request and she agreed.

The shots were taken at a nearby park, "paque central".

I am not a fashion photographer and I am not in the beauty business. But I am a male of the human specie.
And I believe this gives me my first and basic credential to appreciate a woman's appeal. In most societies it is  a part of the mores or folk lore for women to command attention.  In this way they show their identity, their confidence, their anger, or simply to show that they can "move" you. I was moved by Yilean's hair and skin tone.

As I said earlier I am no expert in fashion,nor beauty. But at age four I entered primary school and I was enthralled by the attractiveness of a girl of East Indian descent and I can remember from my late teens I was able to crystallized what was my attraction to the East Indian girl in primary school. And I see them as my concepts on  "the female's appeal". They are three. 

These three value laden concepts have guided me throughout my life.

They are simply:-Difference, Structure and Tone.
Suffice it to say I'll just throw out a few examples.

Firstly: Difference - this can be in race, language ,nationality, living circumstance ,etc.

Secondly: Structure-this refers to shape ,form and texture in relation to body in its broadest view ,but not exclusive to that e.g. the way the person approaches her everyday essential activities( most times you can understand thought processes without people saying a word).

And lastly: Tone, her skin tone which ,for me, is not only about any one color ; also ,her voice tone and the tone of her essence or spirit, whether  it is calming, caring,ethereal ,mysterious, warm  or some combination of the aforementioned , etc.