I Am Coming Out!

June 25, 2017

I am coming Out!I am coming Out!This is me announcing the arrival of the sun as though it is a "human". This shot was taken on one of my early morning walks along the Malecón. This area (Avenida de Puerto) is usually the final stage in my walks. I begin in the area of the National hotel in Vedado.
Most times I leave the apartment around 4.am to the sounds of advice, pleading, opposition and warnings(of possible danger) of my partner,.
After some time it became like the morning "cancion". I used the word not in English because the pleadings are always in Spanish.
But I must say people, although I am out at that hour her words are never taken or seen glibly.
I try my best to be very aware of my surroundings. But if you wish to explore the kind of work that I have set myself you have to be ready to be out at any time.
And you should remember how I shoot-without a tripod. So I don't even have that to ward off a possible vagabond.


 I am announcing the arrival of the Sun as if it were a HUMAN BEING.

This photo was taken from one of my walks,  early in the morning along the Malecon.

This area (Avenida de Puerto) is usually the final stage. I begin at the Hotel Nacional  and end here.
When I leave  on mornings around 4 a.m. I am usually advised and/or warned by my partner not to  leave at that time.
 And even though the same SONG is repeated every morning as I am about to leave and I still do leave. However,  I leave the apartment taking heed to all that she said, unknown to her. Maybe that's the man in me .
  But if one wants to explore Cuba, and Havana, especially-minus a tripod(the photography accessory that can sometimes double-up as a weapon ),You have to take some measure of risks and be ready to shoot at anytime,  you just have to be aware of your of your surroundings.


  Notwithstanding all this,  Cuba in comparison to some other countries that I have visited is still a very safe place.