A Chimney on the National Hotel!-01

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A Chimney on the National Hotel!-01A Chimney on the National Hotel!-01While returning from my morning walk along the Malecon ,I saw this cloud formation above Hotel Nacional.

I am using this image to discuss a concept used in a video talking about good compositions in photography.

I first met the presenter on YouTube discussing a Canon camera. His diction was good-so he kept me up and he had an AIR OF CALM SELF-CONFIDENCE. Whenever you see me use this phrase it means that he sounded experienced and like an authority on what he was speaking.

So when I saw in an e-mail from Linked about an article on photography I quickly opened it. But disappointment even came quicker. It was the same experienced photographer stating that sometimes the only way to explain a good composition is to use the word LUCK.

There is no such concept in the minds of the enlightened.

Luck does not exist. 

Even a scientist knows this and explains the unexplained by using the word SERENDIPITY.

And in the world of religion and spiritual intervention it is called IN TUNE WITH THE HEVEANLY OR NATURAL FORCES.

For me it is just heightened awareness when you have the PASSION for what you are doing.

So, while returning from my morning walk along the Malecon ,I saw, from afar,  this cloud formation above the Hotel Nacional. It peaked my interest so much so that I had  to create something with it because it was looking too much like smoke bellowing from above the Hotel and coincidentally it was November,2015- the time when President Obama was making his diplomatic gestures to Cuba.

In my original piece I stated symbolically that the hotel could now  be used to send gifts from friends of Cubans and Cubans living abroad -through the chimney of course. Also, indicating, and taking a conceptual leap by calling the then American President, Santa Claus.

That wasn't luck, if you find this a good composition. It was just heightened awareness. Experienced people in all fields of endeavors ought to know  this.



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